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The final conference, ENABLE 2 ACT, was held in Zagreb on 21-22 September 2016- It brought together 130 participants from 19 different countries, almost 20% of whom were young people aged 11-17. This was a highly interactive event, with one in three participants having an attributed speaking slot; an Exploratorium ran throughout the event where participants could express their ideas and anti-bullying solutions through music, text, art, video…

Twenty-three participants put forward proposals to eradicate or prevent bullying through the ENABLE Challenge, and a world café session pitched 9 competing teams against each other to come up with a winning roadmap to tackle issues from hate speech and radicalisation to developing empathy, and encouraging “upstander” behaviour in schools. It seems that participants appreciated this opportunity to discover more about ENABLE, because the overall average evaluation score they gave the event was 4.66 out of a total 5 points, and the lowest average score in any category was 4.33!

I was thrilled to be invited to be trained as one of 6 UK ENABLE Ambassadors. I then trained 4 Rotherham Schools and 2 Derbyshire Schools to deliver the project.

I was then invited to the ‘ENABLE2ACT’ Conference in Zagreb in 2016 to share good practice, I was accompanied by tow amazing peer supporters Josh and Rosie who spoke confidently about the project and how they implemented in in their schools.

The resources are completely free – please feel free to follow the link to read more about the project and how you can use it in your school.;jsessionid=7C1A576926310162BE242EE5A2239578

What is ENABLE?

ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments) is an EU-funded project (2014 - 2016) which aimed to combat bullying and contribute to the well-being of young people aged 11-14 through a unique blend of social and emotional development and peer education.

Using a unique approach that combines social and emotional learning (SEL) with Peer Support, ENABLE strives to provide school staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence that can help them establish an effective student Peer Support scheme in their schools and develop their students’ social and emotional skills.





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