A little bit about me...

I started my company in 2015 as I have always been passionate about sharing good practice and educating everyone about the impact of bullying.

My journey started back in 2007 when I became the Anti-Bullying Lead at Springwell Community College in Derbyshire. Whilst there, my work was recognised at a local level as the school was awarded the Derbyshire Anti-Bullying Gold Award twice. I also mentored primary colleagues, supporting them in developing their own anti-bullying initiatives.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to met Alex Holmes from the Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme and I enthusiastically embedded ambassadors at Springwell, they were immensely successful, winning the Diana Award whilst I was there.

Information can be found here :http://www.antibullyingpro.com/

In 2012 I featured on the Channel 4 documentary ‘Bullied’ when I was asked to work alongside Carlton Community College, Barnsley and introduce an anti-bullying approach to their staff and pupils.

I have spoken at many conferences on the subject of Anti-bullying and currently deliver pupil workshops, interactive parent sessions and staff training to our feeder primary schools as well as at any other schools which require advice and support.

I have been asked to participate in live discussions on the theme of bullying by BBC Radio Sheffield and Peak FM.

The need for a new approach to tackle bullying in schools and colleges:

Bullying has a negative impact on everyone involved; the target, the person bullying, the bystanders and the school. In recent years there has been a surge in the amount of technology that young people have access to, and there has been a corresponding rise in online-bullying. For these reasons there is a real need for a new approach when tackling bullying. This approach is the model which I have developed and successfully delivered.  


The Rotherham Anti-Bullying Award (R.A.B.A.)

This local award is used to measure, recognise and showcase the work of young people in helping to reduce the impact of bullying on individuals in their own communities.

This is achieved by providing all schools with access to high quality training for staff, pupils and parents and ongoing support according to identified needs and requirements. Successful schools are presented with their award during our Anti-Bullying Week Showcase held in November.



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